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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Variable, depending on your 30 day(s) sales volume.
Base commission Starting at 15.00% and based on sales volume
Additional terms ASC CARTEL is a program of ASC Supplements to create a community for those that believe in ASC Supplements’ vision and mission. ASC CARTEL is an ambassador program where selected members will have a personal discount code and a referral code that members may give to others for them to receive a purchase. When we see your code applied to a purchase, we will track your number of referrals and promote you through the tiers of the ASC CARTEL.
TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ASC CARTEL MEMBERSHIP 1. INTRODUCTION 1A. Thank you for your interest in becoming an ambassador/affiliate of ASC Supplementsthrough our program, ASC CARTEL. This Affiliate Agreement (the "Agreement") is made by Athletic Strength & Conditioning, LLC doing business as ASC SUPPLEMENTS (hereafter referred to as “ASC SUPPLEMENTS”), and YOU, as an Affiliate user of the ASC SUPPLEMENTS AffiliateProgram ASC CARTEL ("You", "Your", "Affiliate"). To be an authorized Affiliate of ASCSUPPLEMENTS and a member of ASC CARTEL, you: I. VERIFY THAT YOU ARE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER II. VERIFY THAT THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN YOUR APPLICATION IS TRUE AND CORRECT III. VERIFY THAT YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED A PRODUCT WITH ASCSUPPLEMENTS IV. VERIFY THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS AGREEMENT IN ITS ENTIRETY AND; V. AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAINED HEREIN.1B. Please read this Agreement carefully before registering and using the ASC SUPPLEMENTSAffiliate Program. By signing up for ASC SUPPLEMENTS Affiliate Program, you indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions. If you do not accept thisAgreement, do not sign up for the ASC SUPPLEMENTS Affiliate Program.1C. ASC SUPPLEMENTS may use a third-party Affiliate management company. Nothing in this Agreement is meant to replace or alter the third parties’ individual terms and conditions. You must submit a completed Program registration/application to begin the enrollment process. Submission of your registration/application to the ASC SUPPLEMENTS Affiliate Program implies acceptance to the terms set forth in this Agreement.1D. It is a requirement that all applicants have purchased a product of ASC SUPPLEMENTSbefore applying to become a member of the ASC CARTEL. In order to effectively talk about our products and services, ambassadors need to know how our products work, taste, and how the product feels in the hands of a consumer.1E. To be considered for a position within our ambassador program, applicants must also review our product fact sheets and may need to pass a short, randomized quiz. This shows that you have a baseline knowledge about how products and how they may be able to help others in their fitness journeys.1F. Once you met all of the above criteria to become an ASC CARTEL member, your registration is the only step necessary for enrollment in the program. Upon receipt of your registration, we will review the social media channels that can be attributed to you (including, but not limited, to the information provided in your registration). 2. ASC CARTEL EXPLAINED 2A. ASC CARTEL is a program of ASC Supplements to create a community for those that believe in ASC Supplements’ vision and mission. ASC CARTEL is an ambassador program where selected members will have a personal discount code and a referral code that members may give to others for them to receive a purchase. When we see your code applied to a purchase, we will track your number of referrals and promote you through the tiers of the ASC CARTEL. Below are the four tiers of the program with requirements and benefits:• SOLDADO (0-9 Referral Sales)  -Personalized 20% off referral code for referrals/personal use 10% commission in gift cards   -Access to resources to help jump start your industry adventure   -Invitation to an exclusive Facebook group• SICARIO (10-29 Referral Sales) -1 Free product monthly (6 referrals monthly) -Opportunity to perform demos at select locations -10% commission on all personal code uses (via PayPal)o All of the benefits from ENTRY LEVEL• CAPITAN (30-99 Referrals) -2 free supplements monthly (10 referrals monthly) -15% commission on all personal code uses (via PayPal) -Invitations to represent ASC Supplements in certain (local) events -All perks of ENTRY LEVEL & SICARIO• JEFE (100+) -$200 retail value of products monthly (22 referrals monthly) -20% commission on all personal code uses (via PayPal) -Potential to fill a staff position within ASC SUPPLEMENTS -Perks of all previous levels 2B. Along with promoting through the ASC CARTEL program, there are additional requirements that every member must comply with:• Post a minimum of once a week on Instagram or Facebook (Story or regular post)• Like and comment on our content as soon as possible after each post is made• Wear, promote, and share our products when organic• Write a review on ASC Supplements’ Facebook page 4• Invite friends to like our Facebook page (@ASCSUPPS) and on Instagram(@asc_supplements)• Repost our giveaways and contests on Facebook and Instagram• Use our social hashtags, and encourage your network to do the same: #ascsupplements#asccartel #eljefeperformance #sicarioperformance #labombaperformance• Provide feedback (new flavors, products, giveaways, etc.) 3. MAINTENANCE3A. You must maintain an active status in order to remain a member. At least one referral sale a month is our requirement to remain active (includes personal use). 3B. To receive monthly free monthly products associated with your membership level (SICARIO, CAPITAN, JEFE) after initial entry to the tier you must achieve the following referrals monthly:• SICARIO: 6 referrals monthly• CAPITAN: 10 referrals monthly• JEFE: 22 referrals monthly 3C. If you do not reach your monthly referral gate to receive free product associated with your level in a given month, those referrals will roll over into the next month. For example, say you only achieve 2 referrals in the SICARIO tier in April. You would not receive your monthly product however, in May you will only need 2 additional referrals and you will earn your free monthly product.4. COMMISSIONS 4A. ENTRY LEVEL ambassador members will receive 10% commission in store credit and will be given in the form of a discount code. After the ENTRY LEVEL, members will receive a commission and the amount per referral depends on the tier. Commissions will be paid out through PayPal on the first of each month in amounts higher than $100.  Commissions will only be awarded after 30 days from the referral sale date.Commission payouts are based on gross sales AFTER any discount code reduction made through YOUR affiliate link(s) and does not include shipping, sales tax, transaction rates, or special services. 5. RESOURCES 5A. These resources will also provide works collected from paid training that has been compacted for your benefit. You as a member of ASC CARTEL are NOT allowed to distribute these resources to anyone for any reason. This would be an immediate ground for elimination from the program if it were to be discovered that you distributed the content found REMOVAL FROM ASC CARTEL 6A. Any violations of any items in this document will result in removal of the program. If you are removed by us because of these discussed violations, you will not be given any pending commissions. 6B. If you wish to be removed from the ASC CARTEL for any personal/professional reasons, we ask you send us an email with your reasoning for wanted to leave the ASC CARTEL program.We will remove you from the program within 10 business days and dispense any commissions earned, regardless of the $100 rule discussed in 4A.6C. We may revoke your registration if, in our sole discretion, we determine for any reason that your content is unsuitable for the Program. Unsuitable content includes, but is not limited to,content that:• Promotes sexually explicit material• Promotes violence or hate towards any persons or groups• Promotes illegal activities• Promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age• Contains, in our sole judgement, material that is defamatory, fraudulent, or harassing to us or any third party• Is unrelated content that is not a good fit for our brand• Otherwise violates intellectual property rights of ASC SUPPLEMENTS, thereof, according to US and international law and the laws of the State of Wyoming• Disparage ASC SUPPLEMENTS in any way6D. Affiliates are prohibited from selling any ASC SUPPLEMENTS products or merchandise. This includes through personal websites, social media networks and third-party marketplace websites such as eBay, Amazon, Jet, etc. Violation of this term will result in termination of this agreement and any and all legal remedies that may be available to us.6E. Whether or not trademark symbol(s) are included, affiliates are prohibited from using any ASC SUPPLEMENTS trademark or trade name in social media handles or usernames. These include, but are not limited to, ASC SUPPLEMENTS, ASC CARTEL, EL JEFE, SICARIO, BOMBA,VENENO, CALIENTE, DEMONIO, GUERILLA. Violation of this term will result in termination of this agreement and any and all legal remedies that may be available to us. Violators will be reported through the appropriate social media channel for copyright infringement.6F. Regardless of your acceptance in the Program, we may terminate this Agreement for any reason, at any time. The terms of this Agreement and our acceptance criteria are subject to change at any time without prior notice. 6G. Regardless how you are removed from ASC CARTEL, you may be able to re-join. Just submit an application after 90 days of your membership status being revoked and we will review all facts to reach a decision. Any actions that are identified as trends will be noted and considered.Affiliates who have not been approved or have had their registration revoked must not use any of our intellectual property (images, logos, banners) or link to any of our sites or properties. 7. TERMS OF AGREEMENT FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY UPDATED APR 202077A. The term of this Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your Affiliate registration and will end when terminated by either party. Either you or we may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause. Upon termination, all ASC SUPPLEMENTS related content and links shall be promptly removed from your sites. 8. RELATIONSHIP TO PARTIES8A. Nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between YOU and ASC SUPPLEMENTS. You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on our behalf. You will not make any statement online or otherwise, that contradicts anything in this agreement. 8B. ASC SUPPLEMENTS makes no representations and warranties regarding potential income that may result from participation in this Affiliate Program and specifically disclaims any and all warranties relative to earning potential from the affiliate status. 8C. Affiliate shall forward all inquiries regarding ASC SUPPLEMENTS, ASC SUPPLEMENTS’products, or affiliate details to ASC SUPPLEMENTS/ASC CARTEL.8D. ASC SUPPLEMENTS reserves the right to use YOUR content for promotional purposes and may post and tag YOU anytime we deem fit. 9. LOYALTY 9A. Affiliates will not promote brands in direct competition with ASC SUPPLEMENTS on any social media, or created content. This includes, but is not limited to brands specializing in fitness supplements, weight loss supplements, energy supplements, and energy drinks.10. PROMOTION OF OUR AFFILIATE RELATIONSHIP10A. EXCEPT AS PERMITTED HEREIN, YOU SHALL NOT AND ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO (i) USE THE ASC SUPPLEMENTS TRADEMARK, NAME OR ANY OF OUR OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE LINKS, AND THE TRADEMARKED MATERIALS (OR ANY VARIATIONS OR MISSPELLINGS THEREOF OR OTHER TERM OR TERMS CONFUSINGLY SIMILAR TO ANY OF THE FOREGOING) WITHOUT ASC SUPPLEMENTS EXPRESS PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION; (ii) USE ASC SUPPLEMENTS IP IN A DOMAIN OR WEBSITE NAME, IN ANY BIDS FOR KEYWORDS OR GOOGLE ADWORDS (OR SIMILAR PROGRAMS AT OTHER SEARCH ENGINES), IN ANY SEARCH ENGINE ADVERTISING (PAID OR OTHERWISE), IN ANY META TAGS, ADVERTISING, SEARCH TERMS, CODE, OR OTHERWISE; (iii) ACT IN ANY WAY THAT CAUSES OR CREATES OR COULD CAUSE OR CREATE ANY “INITIAL INTEREST CONFUSION” OVER THE USE OF ASCSUPPLEMENTS IP ON THE INTERNET OR IN ANY SEARCH ENGINE ADVERTISING. YOUR USE OFASC SUPPLEMENTS IP IN ANY MANNER, OTHER THAN AS EXPRESSLY PERMITTED HEREUNDER SHALL CONSTITUTE UNLAWFUL INFRINGEMENT OF ASC SUPPLEMENTS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, AND MAY SUBJECT YOU TO CLAIMS FOR DAMAGES (INCLUDING POTENTIALTREBLE DAMAGES FOR KNOWING OR WILFUL INFRINGEMENT), AND THE OBLIGATION TO PAYASC SUPPLEMENTS LEGAL FEES AND COSTS IN CONNECTION WITH ANY ACTION OR PROCEEDING IN WHICH ASC SUPPLEMENTS SEEKS TO ENFORCE ITS RIGHTS UNDER THIS AGREEMENT OR WITH REGARD TO ANY OF ASC SUPPLEMENTS’ INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYRIGHTS.11. FTC ENDORSEMENT COMPLIANCE11A. It is the intent of ASC SUPPLEMENTS to treat all our customers fairly. Accordingly, we require all ASC SUPPLEMENTS Affiliates to comply with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines concerning advertising and marketing, including without limitation, the FederalTrade Commission (FTC) Endorsement Guides, which require that material connections between advertisers and endorsers be disclosed. This means that all Affiliate Sites (e.g.directories, review/rating websites, blogs, and other websites) and any email or collateral that provide an endorsement or assessment of ASC SUPPLEMENTS Products and Services must prominently disclose the fact that you receive compensation for Referred Customers.11B. ASC SUPPLEMENTS reserves the right to withhold Commission Fees and cancel the affiliate relationship with you should we determine, at our sole discretion, that you are not inFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY UPDATED APR 20209compliance with the previously mentioned guide or other FTC regulations or guides that we deem relevant.11C. Please note that this page is only intended to provide guidance. It does not purport to provide legal advice and it does not guarantee that you'll be in compliance with FTC regulations should you follow the suggestions presented. You are advised to seek and obtain your own legal advice on how these rules apply to your website or other promotional activities for which you receive compensation.11D. Affiliate shall disclose their relationship with ASC SUPPLEMENTS whenever discussing or promoting ASC SUPPLEMENTS and/or ASC SUPPLEMENTS’ products. This is including but not limited to:• Social media posts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vero, etc)• Blog posts• Live streaming (Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Gaming, YouTube, Instagram, etc)• Pre Recorded Content (YouTube, Twitch, Podcasts, etc)• If any content contains ASC SUPPLEMENTS’ products, an affiliate link, an affiliate code,or ASC SUPPLEMENTS branding, disclosure is required by law.• Disclosure on social media posts can be handled with #ad, #sponsored, #paid,#ASCAMBASSADOR, #ASCCARTEL in said posts. In videos or live streaming, if affiliate mentions ASC SUPPLEMENTS, or it’s products, mention of affiliation with ASCSUPPLEMENTS is required.• Any affiliate who fails to legally disclose relationship between themselves and ASCSUPPLEMENTS, and said failure results in disciplinary action by the FTC, the affiliate will be solely responsible for any fines and/or legal fees imposed upon ASC SUPPLEMENTS.12. LIABILITIES12A. ASC SUPPLEMENTS hereby disclaims any and all warranties and liability related to any down time or failure for users to be able to access its web site or third-party providers website.Furthermore, ASC SUPPLEMENTS shall not be responsible for and hereby disclaims any and all warranties related to its website, the Affiliate Program, your participation in the affiliate program, or your ability to make any commissions or otherwise profit through the participation in this Affiliate Program, including but not limited to any warranties of fitness for any particular purpose or merchantability non-infringement, or any claim made based upon ASCSUPPLEMENTS course of dealing or usage of trade. ASC SUPPLEMENTS does not represent or warrant that’s its website or third-party providers' website will be error-free or that they will function without interruption.12B. ASC SUPPLEMENTS shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages or liabilities of any nature, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, indirect, or special damages, loss profits, lost business opportunity or any other damages; regardless of whether the owner was or have been advised of the possibility of the same and took no action to prevent the same.13. MODIFICATIONS13A. ASC SUPPLEMENTS reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion, to modify any terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program and the terms and conditions of this Agreement upon notice to YOU. Notice of any changes may be given via email or by posting such changes in the Affiliate Program section of the website. YOU may terminate participation in the affiliate program in the event that any of these modifications are unacceptable to YOU. Such termination shall be the sole and exclusive remedy. In the event YOU continue to participate in the Affiliate Program following such modifications, YOU will be deemed by YOUR continued participation to accept any and all such changes14. ENTIRE AGREEMENT14A. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement and understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any and all prior discussions, understandings, agreements, representations, warranties or covenants between the parties OFFICIAL USE ONLY UPDATED APR 202011related to the subject matter hereof. This Agreement may only be amended by writing signed by the authorized representative of each of the parties, except as otherwise set forth herein.14B. Any waiver of a breach or default under this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent or other breach or default and shall not serve to modify the agreements set forth herein.14C. If any provision or term of this Agreement is held to be invalid for any reason, it shall not affect the enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement or any other term or condition of this Agreement.